SFR Africa Set-up

How we work


Regionally, we have a professional working network with other consulting agencies in other African countries, where we have continuously imparted the same level of credibility, reliability and accountability. This enables us to expand our workforce to cover our entire region of operation while firmly maintaining our values. We strictly work with partners who share our principles - this ensures that our standards are consistent across.

It is worth noting that even with our dependable partners in these countries, we always have our Project & Field managers from the head office present and on the ground for the entire time of the study. We completely own every project that we handle hence we are 100% responsible and accountable for all the processes and the final outcome. We believe that any effort that leads to the success of our client is good for the long-term health of our business.

Our reputation is built on the experience, skills, knowledge and creative ability of the team which spans for over 20 years working for leading global research firms and with diverse clients at the same time managing different type of projects. This has helped us to identify gaps that clients experience working with huge global firms ranging from devotion to projects, budgetary aspects, unmet promises, to mention but a few.

We have expansive experience in Africa, covering over 35 countries in Sub-Sahara Africa revolving around all spheres of the market where we are well acquainted with virtually all forms of market and socio-politico research that include Business, Government, Education and Non-profit Organizations.

Expansive Coverage


Within Desk, Qualitative and Quantitative research we have a lot of experience in surveys such as Monitoring and Evaluation, Opinion Polls, Finance & Banking, Customer Satisfaction, Usership & Attitude, Product Evaluation, Media, Loyalty & New Spend, Product Launch, Concept Tests, Knowledge Attitude Practice & Behavior, Product Innovation & Development, Brand Communication, Advertising, Mobile Telecommunication Research and Staff Surveys We strive to meet or exceed our clients’ expectations. In line with our motto FAST data™, we ensure we collect data Fast, Accurately, Securely and Timely as well as ensuring high professionalism and confidentiality. We commit ourselves in collecting data, analyzing and delivering it on time in the most trustworthy and accurate manner.

Having been in operation for slightly over 8yrs (previously working with SSRS), our fundamental role is filling the gaps that global research agencies overlook when dealing with clients. SFR brings together a team of individuals who are highly experienced, energetic, and motivated. This workforce comprises a diverse research experience averaging over 20 years from various leading global research firms in Sub Saharan Africa. The experience has been humbling and has molded us into producing the best and custom-made research services to our clients.