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Stage 1: Concept creation & screening

Typically we begin with a series of focus groups IDIs to understand the DNA of the brand and its competitors. We explore the reasons for consumer choices between the various brands in the category and we then identify the most relevant and motivating proposition. A number of advertising concepts can be explored.

Stage 2: Pre-testing

Here we check out awareness recall and understanding of one or possibly two options developed to animatic stage relative to a number of benchmark commercials. We measure the extent to which the propositions involve and engage with the target audience, the perceptions they generate, and the impact on buying intentionThe two stage approach;

Brand Development

Brand development research is critical component of business success for two facts- it provides your business with hard data to make effective and informed decisions AND gives a business deep insights into consumers’ minds, because lets face it; consumers don’t always act the way they say they would. When it comes to consumer behavior and purchase decisions, consumers rarely act the way they say they will.

Developing your brand into one that your customers know, trust and stick with is a challenge that all businesses face – and it’s an increasingly difficult one as choice increases and consumers themselves become much more brand-savvy.

Why we focus on Customer Satisfaction?

Businesses monitor customer satisfaction in order to determine how to increase their customer base, customer loyalty, revenue, profits, market share and survival. Although greater profit is the primary driver, exemplary businesses focus on the customer and his/her experience with the organization. They work to make their customers happy and see customer satisfaction as the key to survival and profit. Customer satisfaction in turn hinges on the quality and effects of their experiences and the goods or services they receive.

Understanding customers’ perceptions will help you strengthen your offering and improve profitability. Customer Satisfaction Surveys will help you to quantify your customers’ attitudes and perceptions, their needs and priorities and commitment to your business. Understanding these factors will give you objective assessments and priority improvement targets that will allow you to strengthen your service, improve customer relationships and drive up your competitor positioning.

Continous Trackers

Continuous surveys are carried out at regular intervals, sometimes with different respondents, to keep clients informed as to changes in user ship and attitudes over a period of time. Strategic tracking of consumer awareness, attitudes and behaviour delivers essential marketing intelligence about the cumulative effects of all your company’s marketing activities on consumers.

Strategic tracking answers a number of important questions: Brand’s awareness how is it trending over time- relative to competition? Awareness is the single most important marketing variable in many product categories.

Is your brand’s image evolving over time? The strategic management of brand image is one of the most important goals of marketing.

Opinion Polls

Emerging as one of our core areas of research, Opinion Polls aim to “provide informed knowledge on individual or organizational characteristics, attitudes, opinions and ultimately their behavior”

Defined as: “the study of people’s attitudes and beliefs about political, social and other issues” (Esomar, 1998) It is a very sensitive area since deals with issues that arouse greater public emotion and interest than do most commercial forms of research; and the findings are much more widely published and debated.

Distribution Checks

This is the auditing of products and brands in selected groups of shops. The actual stocks are counted, both those on the shelves and in the storeroom. Deliveries are recorded and sales calculated. Sometimes clients only wish to know the extent of their own competitors distribution i.e. how many shops of each type stock certain product line and brands. This is known as ‘ Distribution Check ’